Network Global Solutions Pty Ltd was founded by Darren Whittaker in 2008.  Darren has more than 18 years of experience in international trade, and saw a great opportunity for a global sourcing company that can deliver on its customers’ expectations of quality, reliability, dependability and communication.

With its large network of manufacturers and suppliers, there are not many industries that NGS cannot service.  In most cases, regulations, approvals and certifications are not a barrier for NGS.  We use only the most suitable manufacturers and suppliers for your requirements.

NGS offers FREE QUOTES with NO OBLIGATION.  We will attempt to source your required product or component and submit you a quote at no cost or obligation to you.  All NGS needs from you is the details of what you require.  This may be in the form of detailed specifications, samples, photos or even a short explanation.

NGS works on many different projects at any given time, so the costs incurred for each project are drastically reduced.  This gives NGS the competitive advantage to be able to supply your company at the best rates.  Often cheaper than you could source directly and without the worry, headaches and unnecessary visits to disappointing overseas suppliers.  Making NGS a great COST EFFECTIVE solution for your business.

NGS can arrange for both sample shipments and complete shipments to be delivered directly to your door, allowing your team more TIME to focus on other areas and make your business more EFFICIENT.

In order to maintain the highest quality and reliability, NGS has regular visits abroad to closely monitor multiple manufacturers and suppliers across a large range of industries efficiently. This ensures CONTINUED SUPPLIER RELATIONS.

With its GLOBAL NETWORK, NGS prides itself on always seeking new opportunities, improvements and developments for its manufacturers, suppliers and customers in their relevant industries both locally and internationally.  NGS realises that with our customers’ success, comes our success.  So whether it be a potential new customer, an exciting new product for your business or a potential alliance with a similar business to yours in a different market, NGS will always be on the lookout to keep you in front of your  opposition.

NGS understands how important your shipments are to you, so to ensure you have the SECURITY and peace of mind to deal with us, we comprehensive insurance on all relevant shipments.

To find out more about NGS and what we can do for your business, click “contacts” at the top of this page.