Product Development

Developing a new product is an exciting and creative process, but it’s also time consumer and requires extensive resources. Developing a product is one thing, but developing that product so it can be manufactured in an economical and reliable way is another.

NGS offers product development assistance to give you a competitive edge over your competitors. With its team of engineers and designers, NGS to work with you to create your ideal products from concept stage, right through to delivery and ongoing development.

We see a lot of great ideas from our customers, but where we add the greatest value is giving you input during the design process so you have an understand of what factories are capable of producing at consistently high quality and at a feasible price. There’s also great technology out there that you can utilise that is much cheaper than it once was. Bringing your samples off the computer screen and to life with 3D printing, laser cutting, sample fabrications, etc. can be invaluable. NGS can provide you with these services.

If you are aiming to manufacture in China, or other parts of Asia for example, we can help you design that product produced by these factories with little or no modification. Knowing the right information at the right time can save you significantly in the long run.